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When troubling or worrying times overwhelm you, there’s always help at hand.

You can find a wealth of support just by turning to the people you work with — your fellow pilots. Our pilot peer support programme - the Pilots Advisory Group or PAG - offers all Singapore Airlines and Silkair pilots a range of helpful avenues.

Some of these include:

· Sharing effectively with people who speak your language

Our peer support setting allows for shared experiences; it enables us to talk about our trials and tribulations, especially now in these uncertain times. It's helpful knowing you can speak to a peer supporter who understands your lingo. You don't have to explain acronyms or procedures; we know it because we live it every day too.

· Learning from people who’ve been where you are

PAG's outreach programme provides pilots with an opportunity to meet peer supporters or other pilots who’ve started where you are and have seen what you’ve seen — and moved forward to a place of recovery, wisdom and stability. This process provides you with a reminder that healing and hope are real. We can get through this together.

· Support that is available at all hours

When you need a listening ear or just want to have a friendly chat with someone, PAG peer supporters are contactable via email or phone 24 hours a day.

Call us : 9-CALL-PAG / 9-2255-724

Email us:

· Assistance with secured communication

You can find a safe place to do so via the PAG peer support group.

· Increased ‘family’ support'

Families come in all forms and not just in the household. It also includes the company: Pilots for pilots - PAG's pilot peer support network. Resources catering to the work, financial, educational and wellbeing of pilots and their families are available. Visit ALPA-S's PAG website

· Attention to health issues

Some health problems may derail the career of a pilot temporarily (eg. A whiplash caused by a car accident or a bone fracture), leading to a Decrease in Medical Fitness (DMF). Therefore, we must maintain our physiological and mental wellbeing with adequate exercise, meditation and healthy meals. Our pilot peer support network knows what to look for, prevent or manage specific pain points.

· No judgment

No matter what you've been through, what you say or how you say it, your peers would have most likely experienced it, or gained enough knowledge on the issue. There is no need to fear for any judgment when sharing your experiences while on the job.

The people you work with - who understand you and know what you’ve seen and experienced - are often the best points-of-contact when you are struggling. Knowing when to reach out and ask for help is the first step in taking refuge in everything that peer support offers.

· Confidential and Independent

Despite the fact that PAG is supported financially by ALPA-S Union and SIA, PAG upholds its own independence and the highest regard for confidentiality. PAG is an independent peer support team that is non-industrial and non-political.

Stay Safe!

Pilots Advisory Group


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