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IFALPA currently represents more than 100,000 pilots in the Member Associations of nearly 100 countries worldwide. Membership is by individual Associations from separate countries. Each Member Association appoints an IFALPA Director as the main point of contact with the Federation. Member Associations are encouraged to actively participate in IFALPA activities. This includes sending volunteers to Standing Committee meetings, Regional Meetings and Conferences.



The Technical Committee is responsible for the technical aspects of the Association. Dedicated towards improving flight safety and enhancing operational efficiency, it focuses on issues that impact our pilot’s daily operations. Strategic collaborations with aviation partners such as Air Traffic Controllers and Meteorological Services helped to enhance our pilot’s development. The committee is supported by an IFALPA director, who connects the association globally with other airline member associations to achieve the highest level of aviation safety best practices.

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The Industrial Team seeks to advance for members, aspects of their contract relating to working conditions, job scope, and remuneration. This is done by understanding what the members want, and negotiating with the Company in accordance with the Tripartite framework of industrial relations to achieve a fair and sustainable package for pilots.


Stretching back from Malayan Airways Pilots’ Association (MAPA) in the 1960s up until May 1981 when ALPA-S was formed, our Association has endured a long way through the Merdeka period, the golden age in the 1980s, to present day. With the same goal, ALPA-S has been and continues to strive to be a professional pilot body committed to advance the interests and welfare of its members.

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The Pilots Advisory Group (PAG) is open to all Singapore-based pilots. Our peer supporters offer a listening ear, and if necessary, can help refer the enquiring pilot to specialist assistance in connection with any personal, domestic, medical or professional matter.
9-CALL-PAG (9-2255-724) and email:


Charity starts from the home and extends beyond the flight deck. Given the network that the airline has, the Association is passionately involved in a number of projects both locally and internationally. Efforts are focused on children and they elderly.

Members are always welcome to participate in all charity projects and donation drives. If this is something that you too are passionate for, you can lend your support and participate by contacting us at

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Air Line Pilots Association Singapore 

720 Upper Changi Road East

SIA Training Centre, SIN-STC-01C Singapore 486852


Tel: +65 6545 0207


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