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Offer a listening ear

In difficult times, let us look out for each other, care for ourselves and offer emotional support to our loved ones and friends.


Dear fellow aviators,

Covid-19 has caused major disruptions to our lives and the aviation industry. This month, PAG wishes to share two articles. The key message reminds us to keep a look out for one another and to support each other in spirit, be it a friend, colleague or a loved one. As it might not be obvious initially when that person is feeling desperate or depressed, if you sense that they don't seem like their usual self, a warm greeting from you might actually make a difference to them.

We would also like to share a poem:

"This pandemic, worse than ever

We as pilots, look up and wonder

What has it done, what has it become

How do we manage, how can we overcome

Such a crisis, such opportunities

New hobbies, recipes and exercise regime

More time for DOTA, Netflix and CLOY

Ridding of clutter that doesn't spark joy

Travelling little and staying home more

With less carbon, double rainbows encore

Family members bonding together

Or, has cabin fever started to fester

Seeing only your eyes and crown

Picturing if the mask hides a smile or frown

Zoom meets, home deliveries and online shopping

Are we really connecting, with less interacting

You might begin to doubt or worry

Even feeling anxious or angry

Acknowledge those emotions

Best to have a conversation

Let us check on one another

Try to be there for each other

Peer support is available

For no one is invincible"

- by Kayto

Sometimes it is the people closest to us whom we take for granted and whose feelings we might neglect. It may be good to pay more attention to them and offer them kind words of encouragement. Also, this might come as a surprise but the person who is seeking comfort might actually be ourselves. If that happens, do take a pause and you may realise that sometimes all we needed is for someone to lend us a listening ear.

If you would like to contact PAG, our hotline 9-2255-724 is available 24/7.

Lastly, there is a joint initiative by MOHT, MSF, NCSS and IMH. It is a platform that aims to provide wellbeing tips and resources through the use of a self-assessment tool. Please share it with anyone whom you think might find it useful.

Stay Safe, Be Well

PAG Peer Supporters

Photo credit: @osmanthus_tea

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