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Dear fellow pilots,

This quarter, we present to you articles related to operating in the "new covid world". Compared to a year ago, we are seeing more flights today. Some of us may be feeling that the situation is turning around and are looking forward to the roster publication more eagerly. Some however, felt stressed because they are not quite ready yet for the constant changes to their personal routines. We hope that you will find the Restart Checklists on "getting your brain prepared" and "handling the complex feelings" useful.

Next, Ms Hope answers. As the strict self isolation measures on top of the incessant testing regime are still necessary, it is inevitable that we begin to feel frustrated. While authorities and relevant agencies work out practical solutions for the future, we hope that the suggested M.A.N.A.G.E. acronym will provide you with a means to manage your personal well-being. This acronym might also work well when faced with other adversities in the flight deck and in life, we hope you can give it a try.

Our peer supporters in PAG are happy to talk if you ever need to speak with someone who understands. Your confidentiality is assured and you can request for a specific peer if that is preferred. Just call the PAG hotline 9-2255-724 (9-CALL-PAG) or look up our contacts in the ALPA-S app and We are available 24/7.

Take care and Stay safe.

Your PAG peer supporters

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