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CHARITY: ALPA-S - FoodBank - A Call For Help

The COVID-19 Circuit Breaker measures have significantly affected the less-privileged who rely on their neighbourhood family care centres. Stringent social policies have resulted in many of these care centres being temporarily closed and Foodbank had only 3 available vans for food deliveries - they were going to need many more vehicles to help feed our struggling Singaporeans.

With mounting pressure to ensure the less-privileged do not go hungry, Foodbank issued a request for volunteers to perform food deliveries. On Friday, 17 April, ALPA-S leapt into action, our quick response team comprised 5 vehicles and pilots from both SIA & Silkair along with their family members to assist in deliveries in the Punggol area. We are touched that some of our pilots even rented a car just to help out.

By the 18th, we were already delivering to more than 20 families all over Punggol for both lunch and dinner. Some of these families are non-ambulatory making it challenging for them to travel far to collect their meals, other families have entered into significant financial difficulties during these troubled times.

On an average day at work, our members deliver passengers safely between countries. On their days off, some take to the streets delivering food and volunteering their services to the less fortunate.

We are proud of our pilots.

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