Since the beginning of time, man had watched the birds around him, and wished that he too could fly. Greek mythology spoke of Daidalus and his son, Icarus, who made wings from feathers and wax, in order to escape from King Mino’s palace. Later, Leonardo da Vinci made attempts at aviation too. He conceived flying machines and predicted the future of aviation. Unfortunately, it was only until the 19th Century that serious efforts in aviation experiments began. Even so, it was not until the turn of the Century that saw the Wright Brother’s historic flight. Up till then, society and religion looked upon flight as a sacred ability belonging to birds, and believed that humans were not meant to fly.

Welcome to the home of the Air Line Pilots Association of Singapore (ALPA-S). The association has been set up to recognize the achievement of the human race in realizing their dream to fly and to soar like a bird in the sky. As the professional body representing the airline pilot profession in Singapore, we owe it to the hundreds of people, who have entrusted their lives with us, the highest level of safety when they fly with us. As such, enhancing aviation safety and promoting the highest standard of professionalism and technical competence amongst our members ranks high in the objectives of the association.

Being blessed with the opportunity to earn our wings as pilots, we would also like to be able to share with you the world of aviation, the excitement as well as the many threats that exist. The aviation safety and technical section is a good place to go for budding pilots, fellow aviators and aviation professionals. For aspiring pilots, the section on being a pilot will be a good place to start off with.

For fellow aviation professionals keen on exploring opportunities in Singapore, the section on Singapore will provide you with an overview of Singapore and its vibrant environment. Most importantly, for our members, the association has been set up to recognize your achievements as a member of the pilot fraternity and we offer you a host of benefits with your membership.

Most importantly we welcome you to be a part of the exclusive group of professionals in the Air Line Pilots Association of Singapore. Please log into the members only page to find out more.

Happy surfing and many safe landings.

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