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PROMO: Starhub CIS 5 Apr - 1 May 2020

Get discounts off handsets and monthly subscription with sign-ups to any 2-year plans. Prefer to get a plan without a handset? Enjoy big data and unlimited talktime with their new CIS SIM Only 1-year plan. Get these exclusive deals not just for 1 mobile line, but 4 in total! Your family can enjoy the same great benefits. You can also opt for a different billing address for each mobile line under your name.

Say goodbye to activation fees, registration fees and SIM card charges. Their #hellochange plans now come brimming with data. Choose from their range of #hellochange SIM Only 1-year plans and 2-year plans with no hidden charges.

(ALPA-S Members Only) download the e-brochure here: bit.ly/Starhub-CIS-2020-April-5

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