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IFALPA Accident Analysis & Prevention Conference 2019

SINGAPORE - Each year, the AAP Committee meet to ensure that safety investigation activities result in the development of prevention strategies that contribute to improved levels of safety. The conference reviewed the final investigation report, tracked implementations of recommendations, transmitted lessons learnt and identified trends or prevention strategies that require IFALPA involvement.

This year's IFALPA AAP Conference was held at IATA’s ASIA-PAC Office in Shiok! Singapore’s Mapletree Business City (MBC) from Tuesday the 12th to Thursday the 14th of November. The 3-day event saw more than 60 participants, representing the various ALPAs of the world, take turns to discuss the most impactful and recent air accidents and how various agencies have responded.

Included this year, was a tour of a Tiger Beer brewery and multiple opportunities to experience the vibrant nightlife that Singapore has to offer.

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