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Charity: ALPA-S - FoodBank | Our Pilots, Our "People-people"

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

You may have heard of someone being a "people-person". Well, our pilots are "people-people".

In their day-to-day job, these pilots constantly strive to do more for their passengers and crew. They ensure you reach your destinations in a safe and timely fashion whilst you enjoy the inflight services in comfort. The people that our pilots interact with often form the bedrock of their motivation.

In the last 6 weeks, 160 pilot volunteers from SIA, SilkAir & Scoot delivered daily to 219 households, spread across 4 regions in Singapore, for the #FeedtheCity initiative in collaboration with The FoodBank - Singapore.

To date, they have ensured 42,913 meals were dispatched to those who depend on it.

Whether these pilots are working for their families, their friends, or their fellow human beings, they're always putting their best foot forward for the people around them.

See them in action here:

So here's a big sincere "thank you" from the people that have been helped over the last 6 weeks. Thank you for working tirelessly to deliver meals, rain or shine, to the families who needed it very much.

"You've Made a Difference to Them"

#SGUnited #FeedtheCity

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