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ALPA-S Sailing Team clinches 1st at the Asian Airlines Regatta 2019

PHUKET - It was 3 days of tough sailing conditions that team ALPA-S had to deal with in their pursuit for the top spot. With 7 teams vying for the trophy, competition was intense and exciting.

The team, sponsored by ALPA-S and Under Armour, showed grit and determination, put to the test both physically and mentally. This was clearly shown in race 7 when they started too early and had to return back to the line and restart. By the time they came back to the line, they were dead last. They stayed calm and focused on driving the boat fast while capitalising on each and every wind shift and pressure change. They clawed their way back boat after boat to finish that race 1st.

The ALPA-S sailing team is here to stay and most definitely look forward to more races and challenges ahead.

Team ALPA-S 2019: Xu Yuan Zhang Lei Feng Yang Stanley Chan Tan Pinye Paul Cheah Ganeish Hari Ram Chen Fei-Wei Benjamin Tan

Congratulations Team ALPA-S! Thank you for flying us higher.

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