Behind the association are the men and women who make it possible. With the President at the helm, the ALPA-S council continuously reorganises itself as necessary to adapt to the ever-changing landscape of aviation.


Capt. Kenneth Lai

Captain Kenneth Lai first joined SIA in 1977 as a cadet. He started active Union work as an FO in 1985. He has flown the B747s, B737-100/200 A300B4s, A310s, B777s and currently the B787-10 as an Instructor Pilot. As a passionate and experienced unionist for decades, he is seen as a balanced union leader with unwavering conviction and a founding member of ALPA-S MBO. Under his leadership, ALPA-S is a consultative and inclusive Union for all members.

His personal motto: Subservient Leadership for Unity, United we Stand Divided we Fall.


Capt. Sham Kumar Singh

Captain Sham Kumar Singh joined SIA in 2002. He flew the B777, A380 and A330. He is currently a captain in the A330 fleet. Between 2012 and 2015, he served as the ALPA-S Hotel Committee Chairman. A straight shooter and tough negotiator, Sham takes care of day to day industrial issues and keeps the management on their toes.


Capt. Ganeish Hari Ram

Captain Hari Ram, has been a passionate aviator since a child, dragging his family to the airport to watch planes since his youth. He read Engineering locally and graduated in 2002. SIA granted him a chance to pursue his passion in 2003. Initially, he started on the B777 and then the A380, with a period in Tiger flying the A320. Currently a commander on the A330. His first stint as an Exco member was in 2012. Currently he serves as VPT, actively involved in FDAP, FRMS, SAOC/CRST and CAAS matters. He also liaises with international parties on technical issues.


SFO Nigel Chew

First Officer Nigel Chew joined SIA in 2009 and is currently on the A330-300 after spending 5 years on the B777.
Growing up in Singapore, Nigel served as a Signal Officer in the Air Defence Battalion before moving to New Zealand in 2005 to pursue his flying and studies in Aviation at Massey University. Nigel graduated with a Bachelors of Aviation in 2008 and again in 2012 with a Post Graduate Diploma in Aviation.
Nigel has been involved with ALPA-S since 2013 and currently have served under the InfoComm Committee before taking up the role as Honorary Secretary. He also has been actively involved in the Associations of Star Alliance Pilots (ASAP) since 2015.


Capt. Anthony Woo

He started his army career in 1985 and spent a short 2 years stint in RSAF before joining the Special Forces, holding several appointments from Platoon commander, instructor, Logistic Officer, Operations Officer before he joined SIA in 1997. Since 1997, he was type rated on A343, B747, got his command Jan 2011 on the B777 and now joined the Dreamliner B787. As the treasurer in ALPA-S his responsibilities are spelt out clearly in the constitution, in summary, the treasurer is responsible for the keeping of the financial books and monies of the Association and to ensure that the Association protects its funds against extravagance or misappropriation.


SFO Lee Chi Ming Gary

SFO Gary joined SIA in April 2004 as an ab-inito cadet pilot and has flown the 777, 380, 330 and now currently 350. He had served as SIA branch secretary & Vice-Chairman - Hotel Committee in previous councils and is now currently holding the position of Technical Secretary. In this role, he hopes to continue contributing in as many aspects as possible. He looks forward to new faces participating in association activities.


SFO Eric Tan

SFO Eric joined the company in 2004 and became first officer in 2007. Rated on B777, A330 and now on A350. Eric was previously the Industrial Secretary and part of the team negotiating the Collective Agreement 2019. 

Appointed as the IFALPA Director now, Eric is the main point of contact and liaison between IFALPA and ALPA-S, facilitating information and collaboration between the Federation and the Association and its members.


Capt. Jeffery Ang

Captain Jeffery Ang joined SIA in Sept 1999 after serving the nation for slightly over 12 years in the Republic of Singapore Air Force. He attained his command on the B777 aircraft in May 2007 and had spent a few years as an instructor on the fleet before stepping down in Dec 2011 to pursue his degree in Bachelor of Aviation Management. He possesses a strong vision for ALPA-S and SQ Branch to effectively transform collectively with SIA in this rapidly evolving and highly competitive aviation industry, to remain as the highly respected and reputable airlines in the global aviation industry.


Capt. Sunny Ong

Captain Sunny is on the B777 and previously on A380. He is the chief editor of ALPA-S, bringing the latest and most up to date news to members via newsletter, social messaging chats and other means of infocomm technology. His main objective: Constantly engaging the members to maintain a high level of participation in ALPA-S activities and initiatives.




SFO Rusdy

SFO Rusdy is on the B787 and he is Tech Guy the in ALPA-S. Making sure ALPA-S website and app is running in Tip-top condition. His objective is to transform ALPA-S operations digitally. He ensures all the operations run smoothly. Currently, the IT committee is constantly doing R & D to create a better platform for the members.


Capt. Chua Kah Wee

Captain Chua Kah Hwee joined the Silkair in 2004 and command on the 320 fleet in Dec 2012. he was on the B737 fleet in 2015. He was appointed as an LIP on the A320 fleet in Feb 2016, and has just been recently selected for IP training. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from NUS and a Master’s degree in Industrial Engineering from NTU. Currently serving as the Chairman in the Silkair Branch Committee. This is his 4th term in the Branch and 3rd term in the EXCO. He and his team are looking forward to working with their SQ Branch counterparts for the upcoming merger of SIA and Silkair, as well as to best serve the interest of the MI pilots and the Association.


Capt. Edmund Seow

Captain Edmund Seow joined SilkAir in Sept 2011, after serving 16 years in the Republic of Singapore Air Force. He attained his command on the A320 aircraft in Jun 2015 and was appointed as an LIP on the fleet in Jul 2017. Currently serving as an LIP on the B737, having moved from the A320 fleet in Apr 2018. In running for the recent MI Branch elections, he envisioned a need for change – improving communications among members and to improve work-life balance for SilkAir pilots. Additionally, with the merger announcement, he feels that there are bigger roles that SilkAir pilots can play to help integrate SilkAir into SI.


Capt. Caleb Kan

Capt Caleb Kan joined the Company in 2008. First Officer on the Airbus 320 fleet in 2011 and command on the Boeing 737 fleet in 2017. he holds a Bachelor of Laws from the National University of Singapore and was called to the Singapore Bar in 2007. Currently serving as Branch Secretary in the SilkAir Branch. This is his third term in the Branch. He is looking forward to the upcoming merger between Singapore Airlines and SilkAir, and will continue working with the rest of the team to ensure that the interests of the SilkAir pilots are taken care of.


Capt. Yang Siew

Captain Yang is currently on the B777 fleet and he have been a good samaritan for many years. Under his charge, ALPA-S Pilot Community Connection comprises of Home Nursing Foundation, Sunbeam Place, Children Cancer Foundation, ALPA-S Airplane Charity Projects. Overseas projects include Myanmar Fullmoon Children’s Home, Cambodia – Slum School, Nepal Earth Quake, Philippines – Typhoon Haiyan.


FO Jerome Tan

FO Jerome Tan joined the company in 2015, he is a co-pilot on the B777. He joined the union in 2019 as the vice-chairman of the infocomm committee, he handles the ALPA-S social media, website, and other forms of communication to members. In 2020, he was appointed chairman of the benefits committee.


FO Ben Tan

FO Benjamin Tan is currently on the B777. He has always believed in building and using tech to enhance user engagement levels in a company. Now as part of team Infocomm, he wants to do just that.


Capt. Vasdev

Captain Vasdev joined SQ in 1994 and has flown the B744, B777 and A330. He has been a Hotel Surveyor previously and now actively handles all crew hotel accomodation and welfare matters.


FO Prasanth Selvam

FO Prasanth joined SIA in June 2017 as an ab-initio cadet pilot is currently on the Airbus 330 fleet. As a newbie to the Union and as Vice Chairman- Hotel Committee, he hopes to help the membership with everyday issues and looks forward to being an advocate for them.


SFO Terence Tan Ak-Tiang

SFO Terence is currently doing command upgrade on the A350 and will be taking leave from his position as Industrial Secretary. He has served as IFALPA Director between 2013-2015, in the preceding EXCO term. Previously on the Boeing B777 fleet as a Senior First Officer for 5 1/2 years, as well as Airbus A380 fleet since August 2011. Currently a Trustee of The ALPA-S MBO.


Capt. Syed Yunus

Capt Yunus is currently on the A380 Fleet. He was inducted into the council during the mid-term of the previous council and hope to provide some continuity with this esteem present council. The Branch is reorganisation to mirror the transformation by the company. Fleet representatives once established will provide multi points of contact between members and Fleet. He is counting on members to support this initiative to elevate the relevance of ALPA-S to shadow the role of Fleet leaders. He will concurrently serving as A380 fleet representative.


Capt. Anthony Mak

Captain Mak currently flies the A350. He is also the exco representative on A350 issues. His flying career has spanned 38 years - 23 years in the RSAF and 15 years in SIA. He has flown trainers and fast jets in the military and now, wide-body jets in SIA.


SFO Kelvin Kwan

SFO Kelvin is currently on the A350 fleet, in 2019 he was in the council as the IFALPA Director. He formed the key liason between IFALPA and ALPA-S and encouraged member participation in IFALPA events. He spearheaded the organisation of the IFALPA Conference 2020 which was unfortunately postponed due to the COVID-19 outbreak.


Capt Tan Pinye

Captain Tan Pinye joined Silkair in Sept 2009 as an ab-initio cadet. He has flown the Airbus A320 and is currently on the Boeing 737 fleet, having obtained his command in Oct 17. He is dedicated to serving the interest of MI branch and ALPA-S members. 

This is his first term in the Branch as an EXCO representative.

Pinye graduated from National University of Singapore (NUS) in 2009 with a Bachelor 

degree in Computational Biology. Prior to joining Silkair, he worked in Philadelphia and had ran his own scuba diving ventures. He is an avid scuba diver and enjoys radio control flying in his free time.

Kitty Naw

Ms. Kitty joined ALPA-S in 2005. She has been managing the finances and accounts of the Association. Soft spoken lady and conversant in Chinese as well, she is more than happy to assist you when it comes to money matters.


Clarice Ng

Ms. Clarice joined ALPA-S in 2015 to manage our MBO matters. Please feel free to approach her regarding any MBO related matters and she will be more than willing to help. She also helps out with ALPA-S matters.


Jennifer Yong

Ms. Jennifer joined ALPA-S in 2005. She is in charge of day to day office administration. Besides managing the various minutes and reports, she also maintains members' database. Jennifer will gladly assist you with enquiries pertaining to application to join as a member or any ALPA-S membership matters.