ALPA-S History

Pioneer 1950s-60s

In  the  early  fifties,  7  pilot  representatives  participated in  meetings  with  Management  to improve  work  conditions.  This  panel  was  replaced  in 1960  by  the  Malayan  Airways  Pilots’ Association  (MAPA),  opened  only  to  expatriate  pilots and  Local  Employees’  Union  (LEU), representing  local  pilots  and  employees.  It  was  not until  late  1964,  as  a  result  of  a  deadlock in  negotiations  between  MAPA  and  the  Company  on  wage claims  that  MAPA registered  as a  trade  union  to  re-file  its  claims  on  the  company.

Merdeka 1964-70s

National  pilots  in  the  Company  left  LEU  and  joined MAPA.  Up  till  the  mid  70s,  MAPA changed  its  name  twice,  first  to  Malaysia-Singapore Airlines  Pilots  Association  (MSAPA), then  Singapore  Airlines  Pilots  Association.  (SIAPA)

Golden 1980s

In  late  1980,  SIAPA  achieved  93%  membership  penetration of  the  total  pilot  body  in  the Company.  May  1981,  the AIR  LINE  PILOTS’ ASSOCIATION –  SINGAPORE  (ALPA-S)  was born,  registered  under  the  Trade  Unions  Act,  Singapore.


Today,  ALPA-S  is  a  professional  body  totally  committed  to  advance  the  interests  and  welfare of  its  members.  It  is  a  member  of International  Federation  of  Air  Line  Pilots'  Associations (IFALPA)  and actively  involved  in  IFALPA Technical Committees.  The  aviation  industry  faced an  unprecedented  challenge  in  pandemic  of  2020  and ALPA-S  remains  committed  to pivoting  and  adapting  itself  and  its  members  to  the evolving  industrial  landscape  with operational  safety  and  professionalism  as  its  foundation.

Air Line Pilots Association Singapore 720 Upper Changi Road East, SIN-TSQ-AX1, SIA Training Centre, 486852

Mail: feedback@alpas.org

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